What is School Social Work Project?

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology had chosen “School Social Work (SSW) utilize project” as a research study project, and started it as a national treasury commissioned project and commercialize it nationwide in 2008.

According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2008), the project was carried out in most of the prefectures in Japan. Before the SSW was introduced nationwide, some pioneering efforts were made in some local areas.


Efforts in Osaka Prefecture University

Osaka Prefecture and OPU have been working together since Osaka Prefecture started sponsoring the SSW project in 2005.

OPU started SSW training course in 2009 before the rest of the nation. 

We carried out a study on how to secure the necessary personnel and worked to foster personnel who have both expertise of human service and ability of execution in academic places. OPU also accept non-degree students.


Research work in Osaka Prefecture University

As a research work, we established “School Social Work Research group” (11 members) in 2007, and have been working as “School Collaboration Research group” since 2008.

We also disseminate accomplishment and information of “High-level School Social Worker training” as a part of OPU key person project and related study.

We contribute to the nationwide spreading the SSW and conduct study on evidence based SSW. We set out to develop effective model, to accumulate and to make it reflected organization. 



We established “Research Institute for Evaluation Support of School Social Work”.